American Service Dogs Magazine: Summer 2017

May 19, 2017


Welcome to American Service Dogs magazine. Our mission is to educate and inspire readers with accurate and useful information by telling real stories for the military community. Some of these stories you may have heard, and others you may have not.


Upon doing research to begin our service dog organization in 2014, my husband and I realized there was a lot of conflicting sources for information, and we relied heavily on industry mentors to guide us in the right direction. Fast forward a year, I began receiving calls from veterans on a weekly basis asking questions and relaying information they were either told by another organization or had read online. The amount of misguidance was upsetting, and the knowledge that there were people, businesses and organizations out there preying on our wounded servicemembers had me looking for solutions. That is how American Service Dogs was born.

We strive to bring accurate information to our readers, although some things can be considered subjective. We will have opinions from credible service dog organizations across the country. Together, as a team, we will create information that caters to the military community, bringing readers the quality of life stories that will inspire you to get involved with a cause, start a business, or follow your dreams.

By covering these untold stories of valor, perseverance, struggle and success; it is our hope that readers will find a passion in life that they can be proud of and at the very least read uplifting content that will make them more educated about topics that are misconstrued across the country.

We hope you enjoy our inaugural issue and welcome your feedback. If you have ideas for future articles, wish to sponsor a column or support our mission you can contact us in the menu option above or send me an email at




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